Where can i buy h2ocean tattoo aftercare

Can you use H2Ocean on tattoos?

Gently apply a thin layer of Ocean Foam on your tattoo until completely absorbed into the skin 3 to 5 times per day. The foam will soothe and moisturize the tattoo.

Where can I buy H2Ocean?


  • Gothic City Tattoo 3170 SE Dixie Hwy Stuart Florida 34997. …
  • Mighty Mikes 1762 SE PSL BLVD Port Saint Lucie Florida 34853. …
  • Twisted Image Tattoos 2843 SW Brighton Street Port St Lucie Florida 34953.

Is H2Ocean sold at Walmart?

H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray, 4 Oz – Walmart.com – Walmart.com.

What is the best aftercare product for tattoos?

For the first day or two, use a petroleum-based ointment like A&D or Aquaphor to help the tattoo heal. Cosmetic grade petroleum jelly is non-comedogenic, which means it won’t clog your pores and cause infection. But just apply a thin layer. Putting on too thick of a layer won’t allow your skin to breathe.

How long should you use H2Ocean?

We recommend spraying a mist of the solution on the piercing every 3 to 4 hours, as the enzymes (Lysozyme) will remain active against bad bacteria for 4 to 5 hours. This may help keep infections from occurring.

Does H2Ocean get rid of keloids?

Keloids may be removed by soaking the H2Ocean on a clean paper towel or gauze pad placed on the piercing for a few minutes 2 times a day and continue spraying 3 to 5 times daily.

What can I use instead of H2Ocean?

If you can’t afford/find H2Ocean, just take a 1/4 teaspoon of non-anodized sea salt and mix it with a cup of hot water.

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Does Walmart sell piercing cleaner?

“H2OCEAN Sea Salt Body Piercing Aftercare Spray 6 fl. oz” – Walmart.com – Walmart.com.

Is H2Ocean the same as saline solution?

Is H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray the same as a saline solution? No, saline solutions contain Sodium Chloride (. … Sodium Chloride is refined salt (man made) which contains hydrogen, chlorine and sodium hydroxide. Man made salt is stripped off all trace elements and minerals that are essential for new cell development.

Is sea salt spray good for piercings?

Sea salt saline solutions are recommended by the Association of Professional Piercers. Use the spray to reduce the healing time and help eliminate adverse issues that commonly arise when dealing with a new piercing. Directions: Spray directly on piercing and allow to air dry.

Does h20 Ocean Spray work?

Using H20cean is the most effective way to cleanse and heal new piercings. If used 3 to 6 time per day, H20cean Piercing Aftercare Spray will help remove dried discharge and lymph secretions safely, and may help reduce lumps and scar tissue.

Should I remove crust from piercing?

Air circulation is important for the tissues to heal. Therefore, the ONLY reason for doing any aftercare on the piercing site, is to remove that crusting or scabbing, allowing air to get to the wound. (If you have a “skinned” knee or elbow, you should never remove the scab!

What is the best lotion for new tattoos?

Best Lotion For Tattoos

  1. After Inked Moisturizer And Tattoo Aftercare Lotion. …
  2. Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion. …
  3. Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Skin Therapy Lotion. …
  4. Lubriderm Advanced Therapy Extra Dry Skin Lotion. …
  5. Eucerin Intensive Repair Lotion. …
  6. Cetaphil Fragrance Free Moisturizing Lotion.
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Can I put Vaseline on my tattoo?

Generally, there’s no need for Vaseline on a new tattoo whatsoever. … You may be able to use Vaseline on a newer tattoo only after it’s completely healed. The only use for petroleum jelly on your tattoo is for extremely dry skin around the area.

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